Life is tough for the people of Myros. Thomas Courser knows that better than anyone. Oswell Wallace, on the other hand, couldn’t know the half of it. Despite living on different planets, and having completely opposite personalities, Oswell and Thomas have far more in common than you might think.

When fate decides each boy’s destiny should be reversed, Oswell finds himself trapped on unforgiving Myros with no way back while Thomas is delighted to accept Oswell’s comfortable life on Earth. As Oswell fights to survive in a world that isn’t his, Thomas too, quickly learns that just as much of a fight is expected of him.


Dr. Robert Wilson is the doctor of the future. Depressed. Defeated. Docile.

The year is 2054 in a rundown borough of New York City, and Dr. Wilson longs for the thrill and reward of medicine from days past. Medicine the way it was meant to be. As Dr. Wilson recalls the principles that drew him to the field so many years ago, he finds himself facing off against a system designed to undermine those very principles, and in so doing must come to terms with the mistakes he’s made in his life.

The Delivery is a short story exploring the rise of technology in medicine, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, and the failings of private healthcare.


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