Courser & Wallace Chronicles I

A Crossing in the Woods


Life is tough for the people of Myros. Thomas Courser knows that better than anyone. Oswell Wallace, on the other hand, couldn’t know the half of it. Despite living on different planets, and having completely opposite personalities, Oswell and Thomas have far more in common than you might think.

When fate decides each boy’s destiny should be reversed, Oswell finds himself trapped on unforgiving Myros with no way back while Thomas is delighted to accept Oswell’s comfortable life on Earth. As Oswell fights to survive in a world that isn’t his, Thomas too, quickly learns that just as much of a fight is expected of him.

A young adult novel with the ruthlessness of The Hunger Games, accompanied by the action and political intrigue of GRRM’s A Song of Ice and Fire, all presented in a completely new and captivating narrative format. With A Crossing in the Woods, J. R. McConnery debuts his first novel, and the first of three in The Courser & Wallace Chronicles.

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What Readers are Saying

“I read your book this weekend. You have a terrific imagination – one good enough to explain about Myros and make it believable! It kept my interest and when I was getting near the end, I wondered how you could possible come up with an ending. That was when I turned the page and found “to be continued”. I did not realize it was the first of a series but I can see where your readers will want to pick up where you left us. Congratulations on your writing skills and on a book that will sell many, many copies!”

– Kathleen Coldwell, Reader via

“I borrowed and started to read your book ‘Waking Woods’ and I have to say I am really impressed. The way you describe everything really draws me into the story. The imagery is immense and I’m loving every chapter.

I literally never read books on my own time but since I got into your book its kind of opened up a new world to me.”

– Mitchell, Reader via Word of Mouth

“I don’t have a lot of experience reading in the Fantasy genre, but I could hardly put Waking Woods down! The author describes the story as “populated by normal people who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances”, which made the characters not only attractive, but also believable! The story begins with a young, typical teenage boy, and throughout the book we are given the opportunity to watch him grow into a hero.

McConnery does a great job developing two strikingly different characters who share (among other things) very similar heroic attributes. He also does a great job getting us to fall in love with both of them equally! I had a difficult time closing the book after each chapter, as I wanted so badly to know how our other hero was faring in their unique storyline. The fact that I cannot say whether I preferred following Oswell in Myros or Thomas on Earth is a great asset of Waking Woods. McConnery’s characters really capture authentic adolescence and should be relatable to most teens (or people recently departed from their teenaged years).

I very much look forward to the next book in the series. There are plenty of storylines (and romantic interests) that are begging to be expanded, and lots of potential for The Courser & Wallace Chronicles!”

– Chris, Reader via


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