Myria is the largest continent on Myros. It is the birthplace of human civilization. The continent has many bustling cities, busy trade routes, and is populated by millions of people. The populace, collectively known as Myrians, are a proud and storied race with a tradition of trade and capitalism.

Myria’s eastern borders terminate at the Outlands, a formidable, lawless desert home to small tribes of uncultured, warrior groups known as Outlanders. It is believed the Outlanders deviated from the Myrian race many centuries before the advent of modern civilization, in favour of the nomadic lifestyle. A great deal of military effort is exerted by the Myrian border guard to repel Outlander raids.

The Outlands separate the majority of the Myrian continent from the Free Provinces, a group of independent city-states connected only by sea, as travel through the Outlands is far too dangerous. Collectively, the people of the Free Provinces are referred to as Mombatans.


Next, read about the continent across the Myric Sea, Numyria.


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