Paperback Shipment Arrival – Shiny! New! Signed!

I hope everyone is enjoying hump day, and the fact that it’s almost over. Downhill to the weekend from here!

I got a nice surprise this afternoon from the UPS guy. I opened the box:



My shipment of books!

Wait, shipment of books? I thought this whole thing was about selling online?

I decided that a certain group of people was being missed by asking people to buy online – MY KEY DEMOGRAPHIC; teens aged 14-18. That’s not to say older people won’t enjoy it… they most certainly will, but an audience I do want to entrance is, unfortunately, unable to purchase my books online (unless they have access to mom or dad’s credit card).

Anyway, this means two things:

  1. If my shipment came in, I imagine anyone who ordered online from Amazon should be expecting theirs to arrive soon.
  2. I now have a bunch of paperbacks for sale with absolutely no wait for shipping. You can have it in your hands as soon as you can meet me. Contact me via or via my facebook page if you haven’t ordered a copy online (procrastinating, I’m sure), and want one now! Not so small print: obviously this is for people in the HRM.

I had a little bit of fun with my small library, I mean, who wouldn’t? Enjoy!




(Definitely didn’t use a shoebox to make it look like I have more books).


Really happy with how the interior turned out. Thanks go to Cara for the suggestions!


Waking Woods, hanging out with the book that started me reading (Thanks, Grandma) and one of the books that keeps me coming back (Thanks… Dave’s dad, I think). Feels kind of surreal for her/him/it to stand on the shoulders of such giants. Truly a rewarding feeling!

And with that, I must get back to studying (big exam tomorrow!). This has already been far too much of a diversion.


Oh wow, it’s even a nice coffee table book… so shiny, so nice. You would look so smart with that sitting in your living room. Even smarter in your hands. Get a copy for yourself now!


J. R.


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5 thoughts on “Paperback Shipment Arrival – Shiny! New! Signed!

  1. Congratulations the book looks great!

    Are you only selling it to those that contact you?

    You might be able get one of the local coffee shops to let you set up a display for a few hours.

    You could also make up a flier and give it to a principal to look over


    1. Great ideas!

      I had planned to visit some independent bookstores to see of I could get shelf space for a copy or two, but I also like the idea of setting up at a coffee shop.

      It would also be interesting to see about school principals. I’m doing a test run with some youth tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes.


  2. Congratulations the book looks great!

    Are you only selling the books to those that directly contact you?

    Perhaps a local coffee shop would let up set up a table for a few hours to sell a few.

    A librarian or principal may allow you to read a chapter of your book to their students if you tell them that you are a young local author.


    1. That’s okay! Definitely all good ideas! I will explore the possibilities. At the same time, I think it’s more important to broaden my brand (write more books) before I put too much effort into marketing.


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