Day 1 – Ready to Go


For those of you who didn’t know, Cara and I are leaving for Europe tomorrow. After roughly three months of dreaming and another three months of rough planning as we finished up our first year of medical school, we’re ready to take the leap and start our adventure.

We’ve booked our flights, tried to think of everything we will need (of course, we’ll discover that one thing we missed as soon as we’re on the plane), and packed two huge backpacks.

In order to have as good a trip as possible, we made sure to research heavily but plan lightly. We worked lots of time into each of the cities and towns we are visiting, and left accommodations unbooked so that we have flexibility as we make our way along. It’s a vacation, afterall. We don’t want to be rushed, and we didn’t want to be chained to a rigid schedule.

The skeleton of our trip includes visits to the following cities over the course of 46 days:

– Naples
– Rome
– Florence
– Venice
– Innsbruck
– Munich
– Heidelberg
– Berlin
– Oslo
– Bergen
– Stavanger

Our last two weeks in Norway will be spent with Cara’s family, but the first four weeks are ours to explore, and roam. Some much needed freedom and adventure after nine months of head-to-desk studying.

I’ll be blogging our trip here (with stories, reflections, and photos), so check in when you can, or subscribe for regular updates if you’re that way inclined.



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