Day 3 – Pompeii Scavi

Today, Cara and I went to Pompeii, the ancient Roman settlement buried by 6 meters of ash following the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79AD.

The visit started with an interesting ride on the Cirumvesuviana train line to Sorrento. The train was an older one, covered in graffiti and packed to the walls. We also had the pleasure of live music from a trio of musicians.


We got to Pompeii early in the morning expecting to spend around 4 hours exploring with the help of an audio guide. We spent over 7 hours!

The city covered over 10,000 square meters and though it was only a shadow of its former glory, it was truly a trip back in time. Even with the missing roofs, crumbling walls, and lost marble facades, we were transported to a time over 2000 years before.

We walked the streets. We stood in the amphitheatre where gladiators died for sport. We sat in the teatro where the wealthy and the poor enjoyed entertainment. We entered places of business and family homes. We saw the plaster casts of those who died in the tragedy. We imagined Pompeii as it was, and how it ended.
20140709-222057-80457324.jpgCara and I are both history nuts, so the visit was wonderfully interesting and well worth the entire day’s investment. It was truly an experience of a lifetime, and only on Day 3 of our trip!

Now, on to the hostel common room to take in some World Cup and a glass of Italian wine!

Buona sera from Naples!


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One thought on “Day 3 – Pompeii Scavi

  1. wow! you guys spent a long time in Pompeii! but it’s such a fascinating city XP glad that you enjoyed it so much 😀


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