Myros is the fantastical world of The Courser & Wallace Chronicles. The planet Myros is made up of 3 continents:

Myros with Scale.jpg

Distance on Myros is measured in Quarters, with every 2q equivalent to 1 kilometre. Navigation on Myros is conducted in much the same way as on Earth, with orientation to the northern star, Aldus. Where possible, great distances are covered by ship, however no one would look a legendary Quarter horse in the mouth, which can travel nearly 200km in a day’s ride.

To learn more about the language, culture, and religion of Myros, see:



3 thoughts on “Myros

  1. Absolutely fabulous. I cannot fathom how anyone could fabricate such fascinating information. I’m sure Waking Woods will really take off!


  2. I read your book this weekend. You have a terrific imagination – one good enough to explain about Myros and make it believable! It kept my interest and when I was getting near the end, I wondered how you could possible come up with an ending. That was when I turned the page and found “to be continued”. I did not realize it was the first of a series but I can see where your readers will want to pick up where you left us. Congratulations on your writing skills and on a book that will sell many, many copies!


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