Official Paperback Release!

It happened. It’s here. We’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here. Waking Woods has officially migrated to, and is available for order. You have two options for purchasing it: through Createspace or through Just a reminder: purchasing it at helps my sales rank and makes it more visible to otherContinue reading “Official Paperback Release!”

iBooks Version Goes Live

For those of you looking to read Waking Woods on your iPhones or iPads, the eBook is now available through the iBookstore! Get it now for $2.99, or give the free sample a try to get a taste of magical Myros and the mystery brewing in Maine. Paperback is not yet up on, but IContinue reading “iBooks Version Goes Live”

Christmas Morning

You know that feeling you get on Christmas morning when you open up a present, and it’s exactly what you wanted? That is exactly the experience I had last night when I opened up my package from CreateSpace. A Beautiful, shiny, amazing new book. With my name on the front. And the spine! And theContinue reading “Christmas Morning”

Updates – January 10, 2013

Ordered the proof for my POD from CreateSpace. I expect to have it in my hands by January 25th, and as long as there are no issues, the paperback should be available shortly after that. The book is officially live on Amazon as a .mobi as of now, and should be available on the KoboContinue reading “Updates – January 10, 2013”