Official Paperback Release!

It happened. It’s here. We’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s here.

Waking Woods has officially migrated to, and is available for order. You have two options for purchasing it: through Createspace or through

Just a reminder: purchasing it at helps my sales rank and makes it more visible to other customers, while purchasing it at Createspace yields a slightly higher royalty. NOTE: GIVEN THE OPTION, IMPROVING MY SALES RANK IS MORE VALUABLE TO ME AS AN AUTHOR, but ultimately, it’s your decision, you lovely reader. Without further ado, I give you:


Life is tough for the people of Myros. Thomas Courser knows that better than anyone. Oswell Wallace, on the other hand, couldn’t know the half of it. Despite living on different planets, and having completely opposite personalities, Oswell and Thomas have far more in common than you might think.

When fate decides each boy’s destiny should be reversed, Oswell finds himself trapped on unforgiving Myros with no way back while Thomas is delighted to accept Oswell’s comfortable life on Earth. As Oswell fights to survive in a world that isn’t his, Thomas too, quickly learns that just as much of a fight is expected of him.

Available at: for $13.99

Createspace for $13.99

Be sure to pass this on to your friends, coworkers and families, and most importantly, enjoy the read!


J. R.



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