OtOoI Ch. 5: Investment Strategies

Now that you have funded your investment accounts with hard earned savings (and plan to keep funding it with ongoing savings, right?!), it’s time to decide how you want to deploy that money to beat inflation.

OtOoI Ch. 4: Where to Save

Today, we will talk about where to put your money when you decide it is time to start saving for retirement. This will be from a uniquely Canadian perspective, as we discuss the various accounts available only in Canada. Some principles, however, are universal.

OtOoI Ch. 3: Preparing Your Mind to Invest

Now that we understand the basics, I’d like to take a moment to explore more about how we invest, from a psychological standpoint. Before you put your money in the ring, you need to have a better understanding of who you are as an investor.

OtOoI Ch. 2: Fine, I’ll Invest. What Do I Need to Know?

The environment we are investing in is not your community. It is not your current circumstances. It is not even the economy. The environment we are investing in is the whole world, and everything that happens within it has an impact on what happens to the dollars we deploy.

OtOoI Ch. 1: Why You Should Invest

Welcome to the first instalment of On the Origin of Investing, a 5-part series on what I’ve learned about saving for retirement effectively (hint: investing is involved). Yesterday, I told you that I am not promising to make you the next Wolf of Wall Street or our generation’s Warren Buffett. What I’m promising is to giveContinue reading “OtOoI Ch. 1: Why You Should Invest”

Intro: On the Origin of Investing, Or What I Learned about Money, Investing and Saving for Retirement

It’s been nearly two years since I wrote something for my blog. This makes me a bad blogger, but I suppose it has come at the expense of being a better person. Over the past two years, I’ve done a lot. For those of you who have enjoyed my writing, my time spent NOT bloggingContinue reading “Intro: On the Origin of Investing, Or What I Learned about Money, Investing and Saving for Retirement”